The Collective Portfolio


Ben Brinker + Kyle Sklenar 

This portfolio represents the work of Ben Brinker and Kyle Sklenar. Collectively, they have produced commercially branded content for clients such as Harvard University, Mercedes Benz, Mizuno USA, Kia Motors USA, New York Yankees, Lyft, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, OnceWed Magazine, Drive Germain, Squareframe, and CBS Atlanta; created content for musical artists such as Josh Stewart & Dan Snyder, Wanderwild, Louie Gold, and Brett Bones; and have created personal projects celebrating the Atlanta Falcons going to the Super Bowl and the experience of Christmas in Georgia.

Ben Brinker

Ben is a Producer, Cinematographer, and Photographer in the Atlanta area. With eight years of experience behind the camera, he has an eye for every type of filmmaking.

Kyle Sklenar

Kyle is a Producer, Director, and Writer in the Los Angeles area. With seven years of experience on set, he has a dynamic understanding of storytelling.