My name is Kyle Sklenar. I am an Atlanta based Writer, Director, and Producer. At the age of nine I shot my first short film, and I'm sure the tape can still be found sitting in a suburban attic next to a box of legos and an old baseball mitt. Since then, I have directed six Short Films, of which three are award winning; The One P.C., The HITand The Love Note. The Love Note won Best Picture at Georgia State University's Campus Movie Fest, and went on to compete nationally in CMF Los Angeles. My most recent film, RISE UP, caught viral attention on Facebook, amassing 30k views in three days. My films and commercial work are both driven by my love for story. I have directed viral music videos; shot for over seventy brides; and worked with clients such as Harvard University, Mercedes Benz, CBS, OnceWed Magazine, Richmont Graduate University, and #LiveFully Blog
I am a student of film, and in turn, I enjoy being a teacher of film. I love learning new things, but more importantly, passing along what I already know. If you want to learn about filmstorytelling, or anything else creative, let me know. If I can't teach you, I'd love to connect you with someone who can.

- Kyle Sklenar


Currently, I'm working to shoot two short films by Summer 2017.