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I’ve been creating videos since I was in fifth grade. I really care about compelling stories that do good for this world. Most of the time I’m an editor, sometimes I Assistant Edit commercials, and other times I Write and Direct so I can tell the stories that I really want to tell.

Sometimes I work in Los Angeles, other times I work in Atlanta.

I’ve cut for clients such as Harvard University, CBS Atlanta, VARO Bank, AMC Network, Leaf Communications.

I’ve asst. edited for clients such as AMC Network, USA Network, HGTV, Disney, Acura, Cartier

I’ve directed for clients such as OnceWed Magazine, Richmont Graduate University, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Yoobi Brand, and Vertex Effects.

I own ARO Weddings, if you’re looking to get married.

Please take a look at my work. I’ve been working very hard for the past eight years to make things that don’t suck.

If you’d like to chat; kylesklenar (at) gmail (dot) com